What is MINEUM?

MINEUM is a mining farm company and the Initial Coin Offering will allow MINEUM to expand their activities by investing in more mining gear, innovative mining installations, and mining Research and Development. Our goal is to allow everyone to mine, no matter what their knowledge in programming. To do so, shareholders and clients will be able to order material to build their own mining RIGs or buy equipment hosted by us. For more details about our hosting service, click here.

If you still have questions, we welcome and encourage you to interact with us and our community in our slack channel or in the Official Presentation on BitcoinTalk’s forum.

How to Participate

1. Register at mymineum.org

2. Create an exchange and fill up the different fields. A BTC address will be generate for you to send your investment. Use only one transaction per address.

3. You will then receive your MINEUM Private Key. Keep it safe! You will need to import it into your wallet after coin launch.